FAMILY / 2018-02-08


Published by Corey Holms.

This typeface is based off of some lettering Corey did years ago for a movie poster that was soundly rejected by the client, and sat on his hard drive collecting digital dust for years. He pitched us the idea of making a stencil for his stencil font, Ne10, which we not only loved, but made real.It then promptly sold out at the next type convention that we sent it to, and we realized that we had something that people really enjoyed as a physical object.“I do think it’s fascinating that just when real stencils became genuinely irrelevant, was when we introduced ours into the market. I was asked if there were any other stencils we could make, so I came up with This and another LED-inspired one called Matrix. In the time that I created that stencil through to today, the release of the digital version, a lot of ground was covered by other type designers in that style of font. So although we had consistent requests to release it digitally, I wasn’t interested because the market was already saturated with this type of product. Fairgoods came up with the, quite frankly, brilliant idea of making this available for free. I didn’t feel right charing money for this, and I like that those people that wanted it can now have access, and it isn’t just sitting abandoned on my hard drive.I think it’s lovely that Fairgoods has made this available as a gift for you.”-Corey Holms


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